Foundation, pre-release game

real in-game artI saw an early access ad for a new game called Foundation. Its set in medieval times where you create and manage a medieval village, to a town, to a city (I assume) – billed as “the ultimate medieval ant-farm simulation”. The in-game art style is terrific and I do like a good “city builder”.

more in game art I like the idea that there is no strict clock to race against. Its created and published by Polymorph Games.I’ll be hoping to grab it on special rather than full pre-release or release price, but I’ve added i to my shortlist anyway to keep an eye on.

Thank you Steam. It looks like a covenant builder prototype, sure there is no magic, but the game promises to have random events and a huge variety of options.


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Blog Plans for 2019

I had some plans for 2018 that I didn’t get to and that won’t change this year. On a positive note the blog reached 700 spells in March ’18 and will cap around 780-ish after I add all the recently written material from November ’18. 2019 will meander along the same way, adding the odd snippet and idea. There is still over 100 draft blog posts I could work through so while I’m confident that the blog won’t wither, it will be more sporadic.

Have a great 2019 everyone, Ironbound Tome.

Life of the Party #104 by Travis Hanson Life of the Party #104 by Travis Hanson – brilliant comic, click through to visit the Life of the Party shop. What is the angry rabbit about, a frustrated familiar, a transformed ally?

The Many Deaths of Bob the Fighter is awesome

This the spirit of how my characters die. Brian’s d20Monkey is a comic all gamers should read.

The Many Deaths of Bob the Fighter, by d20Monkey

Game of Thrones Season 3 Promo

I was trying to not get hyped up. Then I watched the new promo. As promo vids goes its not revolutionary, but I guess I’m a fan-boy. Not that I’m expecting Aussies to get the show straight away, we’ll wait for the data to curve around the world, maybe a week later, or even months later to free-to-air (makes me frustrated).

hey distribution companies I have a message from Australians who dislike most of the TV content here – both paid and free-to-air….I’m a fanboy, make it easy…


Punisher – Dirty Laundry

Teaser poster for 2004's ''The Punisher

The short film called Dirty Laundry is one of the best shorts I’ve seen. It is sharp, compelling, and accurate to The Punisher. Watch it!

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You can buy the Iron Throne

As a Game of Thrones fan, I’m both excited and appalled that we could now buy the Iron Throne. I mean it can’t be purchased with gold alone, can it? Ask a Lanister I guess.

At USD$30,000 they are going to be few and far between, and certainly profitable to produce. I wonder what GRR’s cut is on the merch? At that price I’d want it forged from steel, that or take a huge block from my mortgage. >.> Continue reading

Previews – Game of Thrones S2 and The Avengers

Its crazy, but just a few small things can make me insane with impatience. The Game of Thrones trailer and new Avengers trailer have done just that.

Happy dance. Now please.

Ascendency of the Warp – Sessions 1-5

Here is a quick play summary of the first five sessions of the Ars Magica game called Ascendency of the Warp. Content is collated by me, and contains contains in-character descriptions from many of the players.

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Sharing SOPA Rant

I’ve made a rant about the anti-piracy bills in the USA and the SOPA movement. Its important enough that I want it shared here too so it reaches a different readership.

What to do if SOPA Passes

Now returning you to some more rants about RPGs.