Spell – Slip From the Reaper’s Grasp

A quick write-up of the the anti aging spell guidelines in Ars Magica, with the spell needed to avoid a terminal aging event.

Slip From the Reaper’s Grasp

Creo Corpus 40, R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind, Ritual

Resolves a terminal (or less) crisis caused by Aging (see Ars p.170). This effect causes Warping.

(Base 35 to resolve a Terminal aging crisis, R: Touch +1)

As rare as aging events are for characters in play, it seems like this effect was one of the obvious spells which a lot of Magi would contemplate needing.

You can find the rest of the custom spells in the blog’s Ars Magica spell list. I hope none of my characters even need this one. Happy gaming.