A quick spell – Ward Against the Common Man

A quick shot new Ars Magica spell, which allows the caster to remain safe from mundane humans. Intended for those times the wizard wishes to sleep safely and soundly.

Ward Against the Common Man

Rego Corpus 20, R: Touch, D: Ring, T: Circle

Creates a circle through which no ordinary (say protected by Parma Magica or otherwise resist the spell) person can cross or affect those within the circle.

(Base 5, R: Touch +1, Ring +2, Circle +0)

You can find the rest of the custom spells in this blog’s Ars Magica spell list. Happy gaming.

A quick spell – – Curse of the Bloated Tongues

Another quick shot Ars Magica spell, for almost silencing a group.

Curse of the Bloated Tongues

Rego Corpus 10, R: Touch, D: Dia, T: Group

As per Curse of the Unruly Tongue (ReCo5), modified to target a group, and last diameter. This makes all casting and communications rolls suffer a -6 penalty.

Note: Invented specifically at this level to defend against multiple Magi, and make use of Fidelus’ Flexible Formulaic Magic virtue, to extend the range to Voice when cast. A range Voice version would be level ReCo15.

(Base 2, R: Touch +1, Diameter +1, Group +2)

You can find the rest of the custom spells in the blog’s Ars Magica spell list. Happy gaming.

Protecting a Magi’s sanctum

a wizard's labA wizards lab is an iconic part of many rpg’s game lore – a lab might be a deep underground sanctum, a lofty tower veiled in lightning, or even a humble forest hut; regardless the laboratory is needed for a spell caster to research and invent in almost all settings. It makes sense to me that a wizard would protect that area with hefty locks and powerful magic.

Here are some thoughts for an enchanted item for laboratory protection for use in Ars Magica, and perhaps some other games. I’m loathe to create many mechanical breakdowns for a few rpg systems, as the actual creation rules vary so greatly. If the mechanics don’t fit an rpg then junk them, and keep the descriptions.

The Tile of Archavious – This circular ceiling panel is 1 pace diameter and an inch thick. The tile is designed to be bolted to the roof of the area to be protected, and is molded with a medusa head at its center, with the snakes surrounding the head is a sun burst style. It is constructed from a core of magnetized iron, and plated in silver. The magnet will weakly attract metals with a pace or so. The tile has been enchanted with two effects, which work in unison to provide a paralysing effect on intruders into Archavious’s laboratory.

The item’s triggering mechanism is a constant effect which detects intruders, and the immobilization effect will stop any large man sized human or animal (size +1) who enters the area unless the spell effect is resisted due to resistance. The intent of the effect is to freezes any targets in place, holding them until the magi’s return. Continue reading

Device: The Unburdened Mind

A typical limitation in many rpg magic systems are spells that only last as long as the caster is concentrating on the affect. Detecting magic, seeing invisible, etc all typically last only moments or as long as the caster concentrates. This is not a show stopper, but there are times when a wizard may want a bit of free thinking time just after casting, without having to focus on the spell. In Ars Magica a good way to do that is to invent a magic item that casts another spell that maintains the first one for you.

The effect of the device keeps the first spell active in an unchanged way, so the caster gets on with something else. Here is a sample magical device to do just that.

a black cubeAmulet of the Unburdened Mind – This amulet is made from a cubic piece of loadstone (a black gritty stone) three fifths of an inch wide on each face, held in a silver mount and chain. The faces of the loadstone are inscribed with stylised hermetic symbols for Rego, Terram, and Corpus (controlling earth and humans). To activate the amulet’s effect the wearer must clasp it in a clenched fist. Continue reading