Spells to Conjure, Transmute, and Evaporate Poisons

Poison is one of the areas where many game systems get complex very quickly. This is probably because poison can be such a wonderful and dangerous element in any story and surrounded by mystery in real life. Here is a quick exploration of some poisoning techniques exposed via spells in Ars Magica.

Within the Ars Magica spell guidelines are many powers that have not been expanded into complete spells. This post is an extrapolation of those guidelines specifically for creating liquid poisons. Many sagas might find the explanations obvious, but I hope that by demonstrating some variations there will be wider use of the more obscure guidelines.

The Assassin’s Lethal Draft is a non-subtle spell which conjures a dose of poison so harmful that it will kill everyone except the hardiest person. It is very high level, fast acting, and despite its potency, difficult to use.

The Assassin’s Lethal Draft

Creo Aquam 45, R: Touch, D: Diameter, T: Individual

This spell creates a single draft of lethal poison that inflicts a Fatal wound on the person who drinks it, unless they succeed a Stamina check of 9+.

The poison created is a dram (or teaspoon) of colorless odorless liquid, which may be added to drinks or conjured within a cup the caster is touches. The poison is harmless if it is not ingested.

(Base 25 for a fatal poison, +2 to increase the check to 9+, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter)

While the spell creates a very powerful poison, it’s application is not easy and it is not subtle, and it could be argued that other spells can achieve more flexibility with fewer levels. Despite that, it shows that Creo Aquam magic has powerful uses.

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