Return to the True Form of Man, reversing transformation effects

Another thought on transformations – what to do if you’re a target of a transformation effect. The idea for this spell is that a wizard can use this to remove any hermetic transformation effects upon themselves, regardless of the source of the transformation.

Many Hermetic transformation spells are designed with a termination utility within them, which makes sense, and renders this effect a little moot. The exception is those Muto Corpus effects which botch, have gone astray, or were cast by others. As a personal general spell, it could be learned at a low level and still have an excellent chance of cancelling the undesired transformation.

Return to the True Form of Man

Perdo Vim Gen, R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Individual

This effect to returns the target to their humanoid natural form, ending any magical or supernatural transformation effects including Hermetic Muto Corpus related spells. The target effect is cancelled if it is equal to or less than the (level of this Perdo Vim spell + 20 + stress die (no botch)).

This spell will also end a shape-shifters transformation or non-hermetic effects, but cannot affect Heart Beast transformation effects of a Bjornaer Magus.

(Base General)

There is a kindred spell called The Heathen Witch Reborn from HoH:S p129 or GotF, which is the same effect designed at Range: Voice. As a General spell with a level+20+roll modifier it can be taken at a low level and still be effective.

This version is intended as insurance, for more defensive and personal uses rather than The Heathen Witch Reborn which has overt malicious tones.