Mundane gear: A switching circle

Ars Magica has a lot of scope for magical gear for Magi, but what about a useful mundane item?

Is a switching circle possible? Its a carabiner device which can be used during the casting of circle or ring spells. Device is closed and locked, but can be opened as soon as an effect needs to be cancelled. The ring/circle breaks and the spell ends. The stability of the circle is far stronger or reliable than drawing the circle in something like salt, or scribbled with a stick.

These could be designed into floors or carried in the caster’s palm so that they are portable (if the saga allows such things, portable circles are sometimes controversial).


A quick spell – The Chirurgeon’s Healing Circle

Just a quick spell that will be included in a summary of a powerful healer in Ars Magica. This is a quick reworking of the default healing spell from the core rulebook, so that everyone with a drawn circle can be healed a body level, not just one person.

Same level, much wider application, but then it also has the constraint of needing all the targets together and not being able to be cast without vis. I think that is pretty neat.

The Chirurgeon’s Healing Circle

Creo Corpus 20, R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Circle, Ritual

As per The Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch, modified to Target all creatures within a drawn circle. Spell will permanently restore one light body level of damage permanently.

(Base 15, R: Touch +1)

If a character of mine ever takes the Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch then I think Ill take this one instead. Now off to try to finish some of the other roleplaying projects on my plate. Silly real life distractions.