Autumnlands – a good read

Autumnlands is a comic that I wasn’t sure about, but quickly liked. The story starts¬†simply and gets more fantastic and magical as it progresses. After reading the first collection there is certainly more going on in the backstory that will be revealed than the initial story gives you – and I’ve several guesses that I’m keeping to myself for now. The wider story arc called “Tooth and Claw” plays out in issues I’ve not yet read but am looking forward to. Weird magic (floating cities, rituals of summoning,¬†muto corpus / animal based hybrids in Ars Magica, lightning spells), beasties, rapid melee with swords and spears – what’s not to like?

Autumnlands by Image Comics

Comic: This Is Why Cursive Is Dying Out

A great comic by Jim Benton. See more work on GoComics and his book. Found via IO9.

SimCity Extralife Perfection

Scott Johnson’s My Extralife comic is a mainstay of my webcomic reading. This great comic is a wonderfully dry observation on recent “always online” requirements.

As far as SimCity’s cluster-fail of how they handled the customer … well its been said that EA are not the best publisher or distributor when it comes to customer service, and I cannot disagree too much. No way in hell I’m buying a product when the vendor shows such plain disdain for their customers. That would be just rewarding them. The new Sim City might be the best version ever created, but I’ll wait for the next one. Or the one after that.


My Extralife – Mysterious Bravo Sir! Check out his archive for the old works, equally sharp.