A spell for a warrior wizard

Mentioned in a blog post, a reworking of cannon spell Assume the Stature of the Giants of El Cid (MuCo10, MoH, p.49).

Assume the Stature of the Titans of Rome

Muto Corpus 15, R: Personal, D: Diameter, T: Individual

Caster’s body and equipment is increased to +6 size. At size +6 humanoid is truly massive, approx 100 times the weight of a normal human. At Size +6, the caster’s wounds have 11-point increments.

(Base 3, +1 Diam, +2 size, +1 to increase equipment as well)

a war

A Giant Precedent, spell discussion for Magus Morat

Morat is a combat oriented Magus for a play-by post-game who is deliberately gruff and also highly focused on physical mundane combat.

Designing Morat for the game was simple as Ars Magica has many spells which enhance combat abilities on one way or another. There were too many good options so I picked a few stable spells (Edge of the Razor, Endurance of the Berserkir) and hunted one or two from outside the base rulebook.

One stood out in particular : Assume the Stature of the Giants of El Cid (MoH p.49, MuCo15). This is a spell which increases the size of the caster and also increases their gear and equipment.

I think this spell might be controversial because:

  1. it explicitly allows the caster’s personal items and combative equipment to be enlarged at the same time as the caster, using a +1 magnitude increase. With no mention of how many items.
  2. It does so also without any consideration to how complex or detailed the items are.
  3. The spell makes no mention of casting requirements, and clearly the intent is to change weapons and armour.
  • This sets a precedent for a small magnitude increase to do this in other spells, which is significantly different from what I expected. I’m happy as it’s now canon that this can occur, however I thought it would be harder.
  • This +1 mag for gear adds legitimacy (in my humble opinion) to adding sub effects in Muto transformation spells, and also to making other hybrid Muto spells slightly easier.

    If this wasn’t presented I would have argued that the increase should have been more like +2 and included a note in the spell text to force casting time requisites. Why?

    Well basically these points, however these are a very pessimistic view of spell complexity:

    • It affects multiple items the caster is carrying, perhaps it should have been +2 Group?
    • It affects clothes which are arguably free, but also weapons and arms, which are not.
    • It affects steel, cloth, leather and all manner of other Forms. Perhaps +1-2?

    As a counter in support of the plain +1 increase there is the notion of a small sub-effect in a spell adding a magnitude, and a large spell adding a +2.

    In this case enlarging several worm items as a separate spell would:

    • Still be a Muto spell,
    • Perhaps would be using a higher Base from Terram instead of Corpus,
    • Might be argued as a generic size increasing spell, which we can see in other spells.

    So what is the conclusion? Ars Magica is darn interesting and play what makes you happy, is balanced, and tells a good story.

    Personally I love the fact that this spell exists and it allows the Magus to be closer to mythical. On balance I’m a supporter but I can see the wider issues this introduces.

    The spell when taken by Morat was boosted in effect to increase the size of the caster by a further magnitude, which I renamed to Assume the Stature of the Titans of Rome. So yeah, I took the El Cid spell and boosted it a little more – because at some point it breaks and just before that point is darn interesting.

    Happy role playing folks, enjoy your Ars Magica games.

    Giants vs Vikings

    spells for Controlling the Gaze of Another, 30 Days of Magic

    Online discussion highlighted that there are two Mentem spells already in Ars for making a target look at the caster (Catching the Eye (CrMe15, from MoH p92), and Look At Me (CrMe15, from A&A p32)), and one Imaginem spell (Fooling the Eye (CrIm10, from HoH:S p68). The Mentem spells look almost identical.

    Aside – As some versions were discussed a while back recently on the Ars Magica forums I thought to make a ReCo spell to do the same. It is important to note the difference in the Rego Corpus baselines, of Base 2 to “make a target lose control” and to actually dictate where somebody looks which should be higher (which I commented), and then later it was proven that cannon spells exist doing both.

    Well bother! New information means that a Base 2 is plausible.

    The ability to make a person look in a particular place is a little less powerful than controlling all their motion, but more powerful than just ruining their gaze, so is roughly a Base 5 by my guess. It is not the same as Base 2 at all.

    The first spell here target’s a foe close to the caster, the second far further away. I’ve modified my posted higher level version so that it lasts a longer duration too, as the level 4 version is already very useful.

    Look Away Peon

    Rego Corpus 4, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual

    Causes the target to look where the caster dictates, potentially making their movements and interactions very difficult; often used to then cast Range Eye spells.

    (Base 2, +2 Voice)

    Look At That

    Rego Corpus 10, R: Sight, D: Diameter, T: Individual

    Causes the target to look where the caster dictates, often used to then cast Range Eye spells.

    (Base 2 +3 Sight, +1 Diameter)

    Its less subtle than the Mentem or Imagonem versions, as the target will certainly know they have been manipulated.

    Also plausible is Rego Mentem as a way to control a target’s actions. A base of 5 will incline the target to respond in a particular way and seems more intended for emotions rather than control. A base 15 will dictate an action for a moment so it is expensive but safe.

    Lift Up Thine Eyes

    Rego Mentem 30, R: Sight, D: Momentary, T: Individual

    Causes the target to look where the caster dictates, often used to then cast Range Eye spells.

    (Base 15, +3 Sight)

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    DM from the over of the old DnD DMG

    Ice Spells (part thirteen) Turn people to ice

    When I first thought about this spell I was considering the part in the movie Frozen when Anna is turned to ice, and then considered making it a killing spell – which would be fair given a base level of 25 is very close to the Perdo Corpus instant death of base 30. Instead, an opponent frozen for two minutes is likely to be at the mercy of the caster till they magically unthaw.

    Curse of the Frozen Heart

    Muto Corpus / Aquam 40, R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Individual

    The target human is turned to solid ice, reverting to normal after the spell expires.

    (Base 25, +2 Voice, +1 Diameter)

    And a variant for animals, which is far easier due to the different baseline level for turning an animal into an inanimate object.

    Curse of the Frozen Hoof

    Muto Animal / Aquam 30, R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Individual

    The target animal is turned to solid ice, reverting to normal after the spell expires.

    (Base 15, +2 Voice, +1 Diameter)

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    Useful Bind Wounds cantrip variant

    For November 2017 Ars Magica writing challenge – A quick variant of Bind Wounds so a magus might use it upon themselves and not have to recast a few times each day.

    Bind Wounds, Selfishly Protracted

    Creo Corpus 10, R: Personal, D: Moon, T: Individual

    The targets wound close and will become no worse for the duration of the spell.

    (Base 3, +3 Moon)

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    A necromancy spell to animate a Graveyard, part 12

    Here is a doozy of a spell for a necromancer – to raise an entire bound area such as a graveyard as servants of the caster.

    Raise Their Ancestors to Haunt Them 

    Rego Corpus / Mentem 45, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Boundary, Ritual

    Each human corpse in the bound area is animated under the command of the caster. The corpses can obey simple instructions and perform rudimentary work without supervision.

    (Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +4 Boundary, Mentem req free)


    Lost Spells (part 12) Watching Aging

    Viewing a person’s potential likeness from an Arcane Connection is canonical (The Whole From the Part, InCo2, HoH:TL p72), so viewing a bodies likeness at a different age is likewise possible.

    View the Juggernaut’s Trail

    Intellego Corpus 15, R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Individual

    Touching a person or corpse, you see a rapid sequence of images showing how they might look in each year of their life and their potential appearance as they continue to age. As the spell cannot view the past or future it will instead extrapolate from the target’s current body.

    (Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration)

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