How much to hire a Soldier? WFRP Careers as Hirelings

One of our group was considering hiring some extra muscle to survive longer, and while the rulebook gives a good rule of thumb for costs (WFRP p.309), it starts to get expensive, and the confusion starts when trying to work backwards from character income through to the cost of hirelings.

As Brass and Silver tiers roll random amounts for their disposable income, so have to remember these are averages (Brass as level x 2d10, and Silver as level x 1d10 silver, both with a minimum value of 1 coin of their type).

By core the costs is income for a short task, and three times income for a day’s work. So we can see plainly that typical daily income before paying for expenses is roughly three times the character’s tier and rank.

  • a Sentry (first tier of Guard, as a Silver 1) has spare money equal to 1d10 shillings (WFRP p.110), on average 5.5 shillings.
  • to hire that sentry would cost roughly 3 shillings for the day; allowing the sentry to earn roughly 16.5 shillings in an average week, keeping in mind that their earnings might be anywhere from 3-30 shillings due to the random factors in a weeks wages. That’s quite a range, and starts to add up.

Which means that junior guard costs on average 54 gold crowns per year. Wow!

That matches to p.309 proposing a seasoned Mercenary roughly 9 shillings a day, or 3g 12s a week, as the Career equivalent might be a Tier 3 Protagonist, Tier 3 Guard, or Tier 2 Soldier.

The tables below show the Class, career, and cost to hire for each tier per day. You can then multiply out by the number of days needed. There is some truth to the idea that an employee will be motivated by longer engagements, or not take stressful jobs, so below is also some suggestions for how to handle those risks and opportunities.


Average Hire Cost per Day, by Tier and Level:

Tier Level in pennies in shillings in crowns
Brass 1 3 0.3 0
Brass 2 6 0.5 0
Brass 3 9 0.8 0
Brass 4 12 1 0.1
Brass 5 15 1.3 0.1
Brass 6 18 1.5 0.1
Brass 7 21 1.8 0.1
Silver 1 36 3 0.2
Silver 2 72 6 0.3
Silver 3 108 9 0.5
Silver 4 144 12 0.6
Silver 5 180 15 0.8
Silver 6 216 18 0.9
Silver 7 252 21 1.1
Gold 1 720 60 3
Gold 2 1440 120 6
Gold 3 2160 180 9
Gold 4 2880 240 12
Gold 5 3600 300 15
Gold 6 4320 360 18
Gold 7 5040 420 21

Update: I made a pretty gross error on the calculations, so have updated the table to reflect that.


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