Discussing a portable floating laboratory

A laboratory is a fundamental tool for every Magus in Ars Magica. As such there are variations and rules in abundance for how to detail and personalise a lab (Covenants source book, p 106). Just to be slightly odd I thought detailing a few aspects of a floating lab might be interesting. Typically to find a structure for a lab isn’t difficult but finding something which is suitable as a portable and floating lab is harder, it’s either constructed purposefully by understanding mundane craftsman or conjured.

If constructed the sourcing becomes a challenge only in resolving how the building is designed for flight. The Magus comes to acquire the stonemasons, labourers, and materials of the build in context of their covenant resources.

If conjured the sourcing probably requires a bespoke spell for the shape and size required, so it adds seasons of work or vis to be spent if another Magus is supplying the solution. It does however grant the owner exacting design choices and options which would be very difficult for mundane craftsmen to complete.

Rather than a conjured room or tower which is then enchanted, I suggest taking a lead from the floating castle in Legends of Hermes (p.121), by using a massive sheet of stone as the base with a Rego Terram effect, say one pace thick by 30 paces across. That requires a constant lesser enchantment as ReTe28. This allows the stone sheet to move at the speed of a running horse. Then if it is commanded in the same way as The Flying Castle of Thomae then another constant lesser device of CrIg9 is needed to send the colored light as control commands.

A 30 pace wide disk is far more than large enough for a single lab and likely could hold a small tower, or many ancillary buildings too. The disk itself will have the same abilities and failings as listed for the flying castle. It’s plausible to have the disc far smaller than 30 x 1 paces to make a smaller block, especially if the next task is adding a multi-story building. It could be about 15 paces wide and still hold a huge lab, and reducing the blocks diameter makes it easier to fit into a lab for enchantment (note though the Ars rules allow for an outdoor lab, so it’s plausible to create a place to enchant this easily). Perhaps a block roughly 15×2 paces is better as it makes for an incredibly sturdy base.

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Hounds of Wood and Stone, 30 Days of Magic

I made an Ice Hound spell a while ago, and then a set of spells for Statues of Man – so these are to expand the set of conjured assistance across a variety of materials.

Shape the Clay Hound

Creo Terram / Rego Animal 25, R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Individual

This spell creates a large (size +0) dog shaped from clay, and animates it under the caster’s control so it can follow simple commands. The Animal requisite grants the animation the behaviours and habits instinctive to a trained sled dog.

(Base 1, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +1 detailed shape, +1 Rego)

I first thought to make the hound from stone or steel but clay has a lower base – a doubt I have is that the base for Rego Animal an object as an animal is now lower than the creation spell, so this might be invalid.

Shape the Wooden Wolf

Creo Herbam / Rego Animal 25, R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Individual

This spell creates a large (size +0) wolf shaped from wood, and animates it under the caster’s control so it can follow simple commands. The Animal requisite grants the animation the behaviours and habits instinctive to wild wolves.

(Base 3, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +1 detailed shape, +1 Rego)

I’ve seen it argued that the extra mag for detailed shape is not needed, which I disagree with as this is a created item.

This spell is part of the free new spells compendium for Ars Magica.

A lost spell (part 17) to Raise a Mountain, 30 Days of Magic

Another spell from an old 4e spell list and rewritten for Ars Magica 5th edition called the “Builder of Mountains“.

Raise the Spine of the Earth

Creo Terram 60, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual, Ritual.

Once complete this ritual spell causes a towering mountain range to gradually rise from the earth, growing to full height over the course of a day.

The mountain of rock grows as a steep rough ridge between two offset conical peaks, to a full height of over 20,000 feet high and 9 miles wide at the base. The caster can dictate simplistic patterns, shapes, and insets within the overall shape and orientation.

All structures and formations caught in the path of the growing mountain will be destroyed or severely damaged, only the position of the caster at the very peak is relatively safe. Most small plants will survive unharmed, however larger plants may well be uprooted or subsumed by the mass of earth and rock.

(Base 3, +1 Touch, +11 Size, +1 Intricacy)

The base of 1 cubic pace for stone is expanded up to approximately 15 cubic miles of material, which is more than enough to raise a monolithic and steep mountain into a region.

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