I hope the next Dr Who has a plan

After watching all the Dr Who content and finally being “up to date” I can say without hesitation that I dislike the “deus ex machina”-ish and “hand-waving” that occurs in almost every story. Not enough to stop watching the show, but enough that I’ll be waiting before I watch again.

The Matt Smith seasons were full of improbable solutions, tap dancing around plot holes, and frankly some very over used side characters. i.e. That perky Sontarin, the Lizard Face lady, and Mrs BadWolf are top three on my list of frustrating npcs that could have been used either differently or a bit less.

By contrast I liked the background to the “impossible girl”. It made sense enough. It helps that she can act too. OK, the insanity is not to Matt Smith alone – but I recall thinking very oddly about a the Pond lady abandoning her child to a destiny as an assassin. Even when she then knows that the kid grows up fine, I cannot think a parent would really do that.

Lastly, I’d like to see the Dr have plans. Schemes even. He has been a mad-man-with-a-box for a while now, and it feels time enough for his superior intelligence, preparation, and observation to be the factor that makes him such a formidable adversary. No more “not having a plan” or yelling “don’t you know who I am” at each alien.

If that were an NPC in a roleplaying game the party would have shot him 100s of times. Or as a player I would have.

Anyway, like a typical geek I can not resist a complaint about a show I enjoy.


Does it matter if Dr Who is out of Sequence?

I’m watching and really enjoying the “new who” series at the moment. My interest was raised a few months back when somebody tried to describe the loop-aloop time stories in a few episodes, as the time paradox plots are fun to watch.

This new-Who is a little like the old stuff, in that the main actor often is the best actor on screen and the assistants are mirrors to show his depth; but it also is nice to see the production values (and I assume budgets) jump up a bit. Nice work you fine British gentlefolk of there at BBC.

The 50th Anniversary also made it really clear just how easy it is to be behind on the “lore”. I’m not watching it until I catch up and finish the last Matt Smith season. To be fair I think watching them out of sync is fine, but something tells me they are meant to be watching in a kind of correct order.

English: The current TARDIS seen at BBC TV Cen...

That, and I like the Malcom Tucker character from The Thick of It, and I’m really keen to see what the new Doctor is like with Peter Capaldi. I’m ready for a little more stern, or grumpy, or maybe just less flirty Doctor after so many seasons of doe-eyes between the Doctor and his tag-alongs.

My first Doctor was #3 (John Pertwee) and my main childhood was through #4 (Tom Baker). So maybe I like old mongrels being the Doctor because of that. After many many seasons of “..run….” I’ve finally stopped comparing the styles of them and accepted they are different.

I’m not ready to convert our fridge to a Tardis just yet, but slowly becoming a fan. Continue reading