A simple enchanted device – Fixed Bookplate

Bookplate of the Watchful Librarian – A matched set of a silver bookplate and a reed sized silver token, which are enchanted as a fixed arcane connections to each other. This allows the bookplate to be attached to a tome and lent out, and the token can be used to find the book should it become lost. A simple device which costs a pawn of vis to fix as a permanent AC in one season. Perfect as an apprentice level lab activity.

The Crucible of Wonder, an enchanted device

Magi in Ars Magica have the potential to create wondrous magical items all around them, to better enhance their magic. Initially a player’s mind might go to items like a Wand of Fire, however the real power in Ars is the long game, and the lab is where the long game shines for a character. With that as a basis – here is the Crucible of Wonder, an enhancement to a lab which is also nominally a forge and workshop.

The Crucible of Wonder is a massive stone bowl, with a matching cap roughly over three paces in diameter and height. It is held in an insulated frame of stone and metal, to allow the materials to be poured, and the crucible to be moved safely.

Within the crucible are many enchantments detailed below (there are not specifically designed as lab enchanted devices from the Covenants source-book, but may be useful as such). A magical crucible does not need to do much more than heat something efficiently and well, so this item has three effects – to heat, to be unbreakable, and to be moved safely. None of these effects are terrifically high level, meaning that crafting a similar device is probably viable for a player-character wizard.

Firstly, the crucible is enchanted to resist damage and breakage, based upon the Hardness of Adamantine (MuTe25, HoH:S p.37) spell reworked with reduced power to protect stone instead of metal.

Unbreakable Vessel of Stone (MuTe 24)

Muto Terram 20, R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual

A stone object is instilled with supernatural strength and hardness, becoming essentially unbreakable.

(Base 4, +1 affect stone, +2 Sun, +1 size)

(Enchantment effect: Muto Terram 24 (Enchantment mods: Constant +3 Env trigger sunrise/set, +1 for 2 uses/day))

Written as a stand alone spell for use on other large stone objects this would be:

Hardness of Bedrock

Muto Terram 25, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

A stone object of up to ten cubic paces is instilled with supernatural strength and hardness, becoming essentially unbreakable for the duration.

(Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 affect stone, +2 Sun, +1 size)

Then, to ensure it can operate as intended in the lab efficiently, a heating enchantment is invested (CrIg/Re 30) on the inside of the crucible so it can be set to a temperature desired by the user, beyond the temperature to melt any metal.

Heat of the Conflagrant Forge (CrIg/Re 35)

Creo Ignem / Rego 25, R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Individual

An area of the target up to three paces in each dimension can be set to a temperature chosen by the user, up to hot enough to melt any metal. Rego requisite is required to optionally keep the outside of the object cool while the inside is heated.

(Base 10 to melt lead, +1 increase heat to include melting any metals, +1 Conc, +1 size)

(+5 Device maintains concentration, +5 for 24 uses per day)

Lastly an effect to facilitate movement of the crucible. A buoyant bowl of molten metal isn’t a wise idea in a lab, so care is still needed (final effect as ReTe 19).

Pleasant Alleviation of the Weighty Burden

Rego Terram 10, R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Individual

This spell allows a large primarily stone object to be moved easily. It will not move or float by itself but can be moved more easily, as if almost weightless due to the spell assisting the manual effort. The object can only be lifted a few paces of the ground and may only move at walking speed; exceeding these limitations ends the effect.

(Base 2, +1 Touch, +1 affect stone, +1 Concentration, +1 size)

(As constant effect +9 as: +1 mag for D:Sun, and +4 for two uses per day and an environmental trigger)

Happy smelting – see the other magical items and spells created for Ars Magica.

Shackles for Unfriendly Wizards

I was trying to design a set of magical shackles based upon the Perdo Vim effects which limit casting totals, but then a new thought occurred to me. A sufficiently powerful Mentem spell can change the targets memories completely, or limit use of a power or ability.

A spell which temporarily rewrites the targets memories so that they forget they’ve learned magic, or perhaps prohibits access to how to use those skills will be just effective. Unfortunately that level of memory alteration is also a effect base 25 and means a spell utilizing that effect will be exceedingly high.

As an alternative the spell Blessing of Childlike Bliss does exactly this (Ars Magica p.151), so is perfect. When placed in an enchanted device to neutralize a magus it might look like:

Shackles for the Non-compliant Magus

Perdo Mentem 50 Enchanted device.

The wearer of these shackles has their metal capacity reduced to that of a child, akin to the effect Blessing of the Childlike Bliss. They cannot cast spells, and will problem solve and reason like a child.

(Base 10, +1 Touch)(+14 levels for constant effect, +21 for +42 penetration)

These effects, like all the others I’ve pondered are part of a new spells compendium for Ars Magica.

The Grim Mask

A mask which appears as the face of a human skull, which when worn alters the wearers outward appearance to suit their desire. The mask’s standard alteration is to make the wearer appear skeletal, atrophied, and garbed in a ephemeral black cloak (akin to the grim reaper). The masks creator had a dangerous predilection for macabre overstatement, and it is rumored that the mask was taken from his dessicated corpse.

Illusion of the Reaper

Muto Imagonem 5, R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Individual

Enchanted device level 10: Form Mask (+N to ),

This effect transforms the wearer image, sound, and smell to a form they desire when activated. By default the mask will transform the wearer into a resemblance of death.

Device maintains concentration +5. Activation trigger is to swipe the mask from temple to chin with a finger.

(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration)

And then to cancel the illusion.

Void the Illusion

Perdo Vim – This effect to cancels any illusions currently active on the target.

Activation trigger is to swipe the mask from chin to temple with a finger.

(Base N, +1 Touch)