A question on Character Wealth and Equipment

I had a go at answering a new player question on Starting Character Wealth and Equipment in Ars Magica games on Rpg.StackExchange.

In Ars Magica, 5th edition, there seems to be no indication at all of the equipment and resources a character can have. There is just a note reading that any equipment is OK if you can justify it.

How many initial vis can be that in 5th edition? Books? Also how many swords or arcs for a companion or grog?

The short version is to write down the gear and possessions which seem thematic and reasonable for the character’s story and haggle for specific or tricky things; that said there is a huge difference between magical and non-magical related gear and resources as all magical resources are controlled by Virtues and Flaws.

If you’re interested have a read at  https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/109762/initial-resources-for-a-character

A soldier’s kit from 1066


A quick aside – a soldier’s kit from 1066 has been recreated and photographed as part of a series on the typical kit carried by soldiers across a range of time periods; via Laughing Squid’s post. I find this photo to be very evocative of the period, something about it is right.

credit to photographer Thom Atkinson, and laughing Squid