Necromantic Breakthroughs

A recent question on Necromantic Breakthroughs on the RPG forums in Stack Exchange got me pondering a variant of necromancy in Ars Magica; a symbiotic prosthetic. I’m re-posting here, and I’d recommend interested readers stopping in to read there too.

(Update: this was more a sharing rant, than a concise and edited post – the purpose was to share the ideas. Given enough free time it would be great to develop this into a full example.)

The question was:

Ars Magica 5th edition has many possible routes for necromancers and original necromantic research. Beyond the research found in Ancient Magic, are there any mystery cults or theoretical breakthroughs that a necromancer interested in doing the Igor thing (renanimating dead bodies, stitching bits of … assorted bodies together) would be particularly interested in?

This question is specifically interested in specific research directions for a ArM5 necromancer looking to do theoretical research.

In regard to the limits of magic vs necromancy, that is where the discovery rules can be used to circumvent or edge away from Hermetic limits. That said, the only two real limits I see as being present are the restoration of fatigue levels (energy) and the limit of the Divine (see the Ars base book). Other than those I think there is ground within the rules for Necromancy to be created and used easily. It might not be easy, but it is specifically dealt with in the spell guidelines. Continue reading