Magic for Traveling

Traveling is usually a major part of roleplaying games set in medieval times – a typical rule-set will give you some guidelines for walking, horses, carts, and perhaps ships. I think it is also fair to say that having accelerated travel is something that can give characters a major advantage in how stories are resolved and in moving the rpg story along.

The Ars Magica setting is almost a boilerplate medieval setting, with the magic system allowing wizards to completely disregard the limitations that mundane commoners live with in terms of travel. Within the magic system’s core rules are examples of transformation into birds, flight via wind, and a few variations on teleportation. That is all fine for the wizards, but it leaves the mundanes unchanged – and when a wizard needs mundane protection their companions being slow is an impact to them as well.

Here are some ideas for spells which will help transport and travel for both mundanes and magi. Some effects are purely designed for magi to get around, while others could be used on both magical and mundane targets.

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