A spell to make large ships fly darn quickly

A long while ago I wrote a blog post with a few spells to conjure boats; with a variety of sizes and purposes. This spell is for making them fly. Fortunately I don’t have to start from scratch for a spell breakdown as Transforming Mythic Europe includes a cannon spell for allowing a small row boat to fly, called “Vessel of the Clouds” (ReHe30) page 112. As some of the boats a character will encounter are far larger than the design for Vessel of the Clouds, an enhanced version might be needed. I also wanted a spell which would allow the ship to travel far faster than a running horse.

Vessel of the Heavens

Rego Herbam 45, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind

The caster commands a ship to fly at their will. The caster must make Finesse checks to control the ship, especially if performing maneuvers quickly or with complex motion. The spell will maintain the course and speed of it’s last instruction, which could be potentially dangerous.

This spell allows the ship to move at an extremely fast speed of up to 90 mph (the speed of a falcon in flight), and may affect very large of ships with carrying capacity of up to 5000 load, or an equivalent of 200 people and gear.

(Base 4 for unnatural movement across an unsupported surface, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 extra size, +2 extra speed, +1 for any direction)

Aside – I had a chuckle when TME was released as many of the spell effects within it were similar to drafted spells I had also thought up; it’s not like these are unusual desires in an Ars Magica game. My original version did not factor in the additional complexity for moving in any direction, and I was yet to find a good measure for how large the ship could be.

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