Spells from Game of Thrones, part 1 (The Wall)

Here are some of the awesome set pieces and magical effects from A Song of Ice and Fire (a.k.a. Game of Thrones) written up as hermetic spells for Ars Magica. This particular post is all about “The Wall“.

The Wall is a colossal fortification which stretches for 100 leagues (300 miles) along the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, defending the realm from the wildlings who live beyond.

The Wall is reported to be over 700 feet tall and is made of solid ice. It was supposedly constructed using both magic and mundane means some eight millennia ago, in the aftermath of the Long Night to defend the realm against the White Walkers who apparently dwell in the far north, though they are now considered myths by most.

Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

Aside – when your GM says “these creatures are thought to be a myth” you should expect to gear up to fight them; its a pen and paper rpg thing.

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Spell to trace the lineage of men and beasts

Here is a few spells of Ars Magica using the Faerie Target: Bloodline. These allow the caster to trace blood relatives for themselves, other humans, and animals. I thought this might be handy for a wizard interested in fertility and the gift, but also to find those members of their extended family they might be unaware of (and of course for dealing with horse traders).

Each effect could probably be made slightly lower level by designing a more specialized spell, but given how niche the effects are that would be wasteful of seasons. A base guideline level 10 is heavy-handed, but allows a lot of breadth and forgiveness.

Blood of My Blood

Intellego Corpus / Imagonem 30, R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Bloodline. Faerie.

The caster gains an awareness of every blood relative, and by concentrating can focus on specific members to determine their physical health, state in terms of awake or asleep, age, visual appearance, and location. When learned the spell is tailored for the caster’s bloodline to avoid warping.

(Base 10 to know all information about a body, +1 Conc, +3 Bloodline)

a blood arcane connection

And as a variation, here is the same effect raised to R: Touch, to allow a caster to trace the lineage of a touched person.

The Seed is Strong

Intellego Corpus / Imagonem 35, R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Bloodline. Faerie.

The caster gains an awareness of every blood relative of the target touched, and by concentrating can focus on specific members to determine their physical health, state in terms of awake or asleep, age, visual appearance, and location. When learned the spell is tailored for the caster’s bloodline to avoid warping.

(Base 10 to know all information about a body, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +3 Bloodline)

And lastly a variation to trace the lineage of animals, for the purposes of discerning pure breeding.

The Line Breeds True

Intellego Animal / Imagonem 35, R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Bloodline. Faerie.

The caster gains an awareness of every blood relative of the target animal touched, and by concentrating can focus on specific members to determine their physical health, state in terms of awake or asleep, age, visual appearance, and location.

(Base 10 to know all information about a body, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +3 Bloodline)

I suppose there could also be versions for Herbam too, although I don’t think that would get used often; and probably couldn’t make use of the Bloodline Target either.

For these and other new Ars Magics spells see the list of spells.

Quote for the day – Fairy tales go to Westros to die

GRRM is the anti-romantic. Fairy tales go to Westros to die.


Over here on IO9 there is a little thread about what will happen to some characters. It has spoilers in it for those folks who are watching the TV show, but have not read all the novels. I really think this captures what A Song of Ice and Fire’s setting is like.

The hate for GRRM’s treatment of characters is there in the comments, as to is the love for the very same cruel, unbalanced, and distasteful setting. I love it.

Picking who will be alive at the end of the next book is a fun game, and I won’t ruin the TV folks day by guessing here. My prediction though is a confrontation between the big two families of Starks vs Lannisters for who gets a solid piece of a Targaren, and then takes the throne. If you think any of those families are out of the running you’re cont considering how sweetly perverted GRRM is.

Art was found via Google search on Deviant Art, by Skworus (tumblr)- and is darn nice.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Promo

I was trying to not get hyped up. Then I watched the new promo. As promo vids goes its not revolutionary, but I guess I’m a fan-boy. Not that I’m expecting Aussies to get the show straight away, we’ll wait for the data to curve around the world, maybe a week later, or even months later to free-to-air (makes me frustrated).

hey distribution companies I have a message from Australians who dislike most of the TV content here – both paid and free-to-air….I’m a fanboy, make it easy…


Game of Thrones Cupcakes, Yum

Chefs JB Cada and Stephanie Santos, who run The Regali Kitchen, created a delicious set of Game of Thrones Cupcakes.

via Game of Thrones Opening Sequence House Sigil Cupcakes.

You can buy the Iron Throne

As a Game of Thrones fan, I’m both excited and appalled that we could now buy the Iron Throne. I mean it can’t be purchased with gold alone, can it? Ask a Lanister I guess.

At USD$30,000 they are going to be few and far between, and certainly profitable to produce. I wonder what GRR’s cut is on the merch? At that price I’d want it forged from steel, that or take a huge block from my mortgage. >.> Continue reading

Lands of Ice and Fire Map Pack

Um, wow. A Lands of Ice and Fire map pack, created by one of the best mappers I’ve found – Jon from Fantastic Maps.

Jon’s blog and the Westeros.org site have further info.

Conceptually this is as cool to me as a Tolkien atlas, or years ago when I found a Dragon Riders of Pern atlas for my mother who was a fan of the series. True that you have to be a nerd, but hey. Yup.

“Now this dazzling set of maps, featuring original artwork from illustrator and cartographer Jonathan Roberts, transforms Martin’s epic saga into a world as fully realized as the one around us.”

Salman needs what Ser Payne got

There is a strange quote from Salman Rushdie which called A Game of Thrones garbage, via Vulture.

“There was a series called Game of Thrones which was very popular here in the United States, a post-Tolkien kind of thing. It was garbage, yet very addictive garbage — because there’s lots of violence, all the women take their clothes off all the time, and it’s kind of fun. In the end, it’s well-produced trash, but there’s room for that, too.”

My knee jerk reaction is to say what the?

I’ll take Rushdie’s opinion seriously when I see the quality of what he writes and produces as a TV series. The opinion of an author in an abstractly related medium is not directly relevant, especially when it contains no real detail of what he liked about the shows that were ok in his opinion.

In the full text he lists shows like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Deadwood as shows he did like. OK that’s strange. Didn’t he notice the violence, naked people, etc in The Sopranos? And Deadwood has some events that make you not sleep at night (pigs anyone). Seems a strange set of criteria to base as a point of difference.

I also cannot imagine that he is a fan of the type of setting (what the hell is meant by post-tolkien?), nor has he read the GoT books. Well I’ve tried to read two of Rushdie’s books and would call them overly convoluted, boring, and altogether in need of a good editor.I’ve read all the GoT books now except the most recent Dance with Dragons, and loved all of them.

But hey, lets not throw stones at people for having bold opinions, Salman nobody ever got famous for being controversial. Give him what Ser Payne got.

Game of Thrones, thoughts

I’d heard the line that George R R Martin hates his characters, and looked forward to reading the books. Now that I’m starting Feast of Crows (book 4) I really understand why that sentence is true. If you’re expecting to understand that approach and you’ve only read or watched the first book, then you’ve not seen what it is like when an author loves his stories more than the characters within them.

Note: I’ll keep the post free of any Game of Thrones spoilers.

gameof thrones logoAs a series it is darn fascinating in both style and presentation. The books do not actually end at all. I read the books so far back to back, and I think that had I taken a break between them then the plot would have lost resolution for me. If you like a story that concludes between the covers, then you’ll have to consider Game of Thrones completed when Martin says he’s done. I think we’ll see at least seven in the series, although I’m not sure which characters will be left by the end.

Each chapter is from a different perspective, and there is no rhyme or rule to say which character will be written about, except to say that a few of the surviving characters get chapters regularly. Peripheral characters are raised to be main protagonists, and our heroes are brutally killed in the name of the story.

If its not blindingly obvious I am really enjoying the series. Several characters I liked have died, many others have escaped death where I thought they were due. It keeps me reading. Thankfully there have been no events that felt like Deus Ex Machina; which is a strength of Martin’s writing. If the story demands resolution, he gives it.

How does this translate into RPG games? Bluntly, brutally, and well – just like the books.

The overarching story is one of a fight against a dark evil, with the forward story of controlling an empire. The characters have almost no vision to the overall plight or story, and there is no dependance on a particular hero to provide the tempo or path forward. These are personalities in a world where loft goals often go unrewarded.

There are a few characters though who might stand apart soon to understand the need of the story, but I have faith and exposure to Martin to know that they will get little protection from their in-character enemies just because they might see a glimmer of the true fight.

For RPGs this is a world that you play in, but you’d not be saving it. An RPG setting would need to have the players as side characters, suffering the same toils as everyone else. There can be no “mission from the gods”, or “holy path” to provide a clear cut motivator – as for every character who thinks they are on a holy mission, there would be another with a different god giving alternate advice. It is less about black and white, and more about surviving a fight the characters do not even know they are in.

The setting lends itself to combat systems that are unforgiving, but also leverage skill well above base arms. It is common for a NPC soldier type to out think as much as fight a battle, and an RPG game would need to have some scope for that. Likewise some duels have been resolved with the lightly armored combatant dancing around the tank type, until the tank is too tired to survive.

The setting also needs a low amount of magic, but magic (real magic) is darn powerful. Some major characters are removed from the story with the use of magic, and there is little the characters around it can do about it. For magic lore there is also a huge range of skills considered magical, and almost all are trivial, but sometimes useful.

This means the setting is not one of fireballs and flying castles; but it is one of dragons and magic swords. It’s bloody interesting. Dark fantasy comes to mind, but the setting is almost fantasy-noir.

So what system? I have no idea. GURPS might serve, WH Fantasy is a good solution, and suits the high rate of death. Certainly DnD and d20 have no place here. Nobody in the story (so far) has soaked up a hit by a two handed sword and lived.

I can’t wait to keep reading, but I’m also keen to try the Game of Thrones-ish RPGs. Perhaps it is best done in a setting as a prologue to the books, where the ancient lore can be re-cast by the players. The events of the books are the future, and not likely to be needed or impacted.

A story about the Iron Isles becoming a kingdom, or the first men fighting against the Dragon King, or perhaps even a small game set beyond the wall in the first time of cold. All would be good settings, already full of lore, monsters, and nasty double edged swords.

Happy gaming.