Spells for enhancing beasts in Ars Magica

In preparation for an activity in an Ars Magica play-by-post forums game, here are a few quick effects to enhance beasts. These effects are simple use of the Muto guidelines from the ArM core rulebook. I’ve already written up a few handy effects for animals such as changing their colour and size, so these spells round out the simple things that are easily plausible to do with Animal magic in Ars.

Note too that these spells have been designed using the base guidelines, meaning that they will only affect creatures of size +1 (a pony) or smaller. Bigger animals will need additional size modifiers.

(Hmm, I think a name change is needed for the spell below, but I’m muddle-headed this week. Keeping it this way will make it easier to find next to the other for humans.)

Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude to Beasts

Muto Animal 25, R: Touch, D: Diameter, T: Individual

This effect grants the target animal a +3 bonus to Soak.

(Base 15 to Make a body resistant to damage (+3 Soak) from the Corpus guideline, Range to Touch (+1), Duration to Diameter (+1))

It makes me wonder – What would happen if Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude was cast on a bear?

If I were the GM I’d allow it to enhance the bear just like any other animal. The rationale is that while the magic of the spell takes it’s inspiration and anchor in the setting from the stamina of a bear, it is still providing a powerful enhancement over and above what is natural. Continue reading