Thoughts on relative complexity in Creo spells

A quick post to highlight an explanation of my impression of relative complexity in Creo spells in Ars Magica:

  • Standard (+0 mags) – These items have little or no complexity in function or moving parts. e.g. Mounds of matter, swords, chairs, walls, crossbows, armor. A simple hut or room. A simple pattern or symbol can be included in the item.
  • Slightly Complex (+1 mags) – a few moving parts and a few different materials in construction. e.g. a Cart with tack and harness. A simple small boat with sail and oars. A building with a few uniform rooms and floors. A full suit of armor and weapons for a warrior.
  • Moderate Complexity (+2 mags) – many features which move independently from the whole, many compartments, or sub-functions. Many different materials. e.g. ocean going ships. A moderate sized building with multiple rooms, hallways, walk ways including doors and some features.
  • Highly Complex (+3 mags) – Fully formed towers will inconsistent internal structures, with as many complex features as desired. Complex machinery. This is about as complex as a spell can get. e.g. Conjuring the Mystic Tower.

I raise this as many Creo effecs in the game add a “complexity modifier”, and it seems to be used more and more as a punitive measure to make creating things harder.