Spells for controlling people

a jester marionetteWorking through the core ArM5 rules there are effects that are laden with story potential mentioned in the spell guidelines, but not as written up spells in the text.

As a sample here are some spells designed to demonstrate those spells, using the Rego Corpus (aka Control the Body) guidelines.

The Clumsy Mannequin

Rego Corpus 10, R: Eye, D: Diameter, T: Individual

The spell facilitates the control of the target’s large scale motions (arms, legs, and head movement), which must follow any simplistic instructions.The target can only control their own small scale motions (finger gestures, talking), and suffers a -3 modifier to any of these actions, including spell casting. Eye contact is needed only for the initial application of the spell.

Valid commands might be “walk in a circle”, “sit down”, “walk of that edge”, and if the command is completed but the spell still has duration the target gains control again until the caster issues another command.

As the duration is Diameter the caster must concentrate to the control over the target’s body. While the spell is in effect the target cannot be made to make any complex or agile movement such as fighting, dancing, juggling, etc.

(Base 4, +1 Eye, +1 Diameter)

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