Milestone 800+ New spells for Ars Magica

This blog now has 801 new spells – growing from just a handful many years ago. It has taken significant effort to get new concepts in the last six months and the best source is participating in stories; then considering how that odd spont cast spell, or problem, or “if only we…” moment might be changed into a reusable spell.

If I’m being honest there are many spells which demonstrate a concept, and then have 2-3 variations to suit subtle differences or different uses, which makes it feel more like there is an order of magnitude less in the New Spells page if only the spell concepts should count.

Even so, it’s still a huge list. I hope some are useful in your stories.

Milestone 700+ New spells for Ars Magica

The blog has 701 spells in total now – and that is about as many as I intended in ever drafting, so anymore will be far more staggered apart as time permits. Hope they are useful in your games.

Milestone 650+ New spells for Ars Magica

The blog has 650 spells in total now. The past few months have also had a splash of magical devices and some theory work in hermetic magic too, which will continue through the new year.

Milestone 600+ New spells for Ars Magica

From June 23 to August 5 to post another 50 spells, reaching 600 in total, and not just spells – this past three month over a dozen new magical items were detailed, and some observations on Ars, and a few new rules and guidelines too.

What’s in store for the spell list? Well, many more ice spells, more lost spells revised from older editions, notes on improving labs, more magical items, and a discussion of a few spell guidelines which have angles to discover.

I think I have around 30 spells ready to go, and far too many half written blog posts to scratch away at. Happy Ars Magica gaming folks.

Milestone 550+ New spells for Ars Magica

Roughly another three months since hitting the 500 spell mark and there are 50+ new spells for Ars Magica, totalling 551 new spells, and I think around another 50 almost ready to be published. I’ve been working on writing about my the thoughts and impressions on Ars Magica more than spells recently which is why there are opinions and House Rules blog posts now as well as Hermetic spells in the feed.

Hope you enjoy both the rants and spells folks, Happy Ars Magica gaming.

Milestone 500+ New spells for Ars Magica

The blog hit a new milestone today – 501 spells written for Ars Magica, which is 100 new spells since September 2016. Enjoy the spells folks, Happy Ars Magica gaming.doorways from one realm to the next

Milestone 400+ New spells for Ars Magica

I’ve posted over 400 new spells for Ars Magica now, reaching my blogging goal for 2016 a few months early. October onward will have a mix of character concepts, variations to rules, the odd conversation on the Ars Magica setting, and more spells that have been sitting in draft for a very long time. Some of those spells are inspired from Game of Thrones and Snow White, so a little less serious; but very flavorsome.