More Journal notes from Warhammer RPG

This session was about hunting a necromancer, sewer diving, and playing at being heroes. We met an old friend who turned out to be incredibly valuable.

Anhedon ex Miscellanea, a Necromancer

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Presenting another necromancy focused character as presented to a new-ish play-by-post forum game on the Mythweavers forums – Anhedon ex Miscellanea. My last necromancer was a Bonisagus, and while this character has some similar aspects the split of virtues and flaws and the starting position are very different. I went for a far more creepy theme which is backed by a very solid raw reference in the Lion and the Lilly sourcebook ( p.102 for covenant backstory). This npcs Pater is Eulogius ex Miscellanea, patron of Donatores Requietis Aeternae, in the Normandy tribunal. As a Magus of House ex Miscellanea he could be straight off the page.


Anhedon appears a quiet shy man who dresses in dark earthy shades, or if travelling some distance will change to dress as a humble monk. He has a thin build and decrepit pale complexion which gives him a disturbing otherworldly appearance, especially confronting when paired with his blatant gift. As such has learnt to voice his needs through his grogs and proxies, as he is frequently too disturbing for mundanes and townsfolk. He walks with a tall staff and carries satchels. His apprenticeship is seeped in the roots of Donatores Requietis Aeternae oldest traditions; that of spiritual and corporeal necromancy.

Early Life 

Anhedon was born into a family serving at his master’s covenant of Requietis Aeternae. As the magi took little care of the servants beyond their physical needs it was not unusual for many children raised at R.A. to be warped, weird, or conflicted. He was identified as significantly warped by magic even at his birth, as his blatant gift expressed itself from birth instead of later in his childhood. This meant his natural parents distrusted him, and he often was left to perform his chores alone, or under the scrutiny of unforgiving masters. This fortunately also led to his gift being identified early, which acted as a doubly hard lesson for his natural family; their freakish son was now potentially to be a wizard – if he survived.

During his grooming for his apprenticeship another current apprentice fell foul of the Master Eulogius, and suffered a terrible mishap. Anhedon was too young to understand the details of the accident, but the apprentice was left bereft of sanity for many months, and while his mind recovered slowly his magical gift drained away. Master Eulogius was displeased by the waste of resources spent on the failed apprentice, and set the poor boy to dangerous tasks and demeaning work now that he was not useful. Instead Anhedon was thrust into the new apprentice role, where he understood failure might end his potential or his life. The covenant was desperate for new magical blood, and he understood that his place was to join the strict hierarchy for R.A., however Anhedon secretly wished escape the covenant, and departed as soon as his apprenticeship was computers and his Oath sworn.

ex MIscellanea necromancer

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Lost Spell (part 7) Resisting Final Rest

Another lost spell and I’m a little pleased that this is also a necromantic spell. There are canonical examples of spells which prohibit teleportation and scrying activity (Transforming Mythic Europe, p108), so prohibiting a specific type of hermetic effect seems very legitimate.

Base General –  Dispel effects of a specific type with a level less than the (level +4 magnitudes) of the Vim spell + stress die (no botch).

The Dead that Will Not Rest

Perdo Vim 20 (Gen), R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Individual

Causes a corpse to become immune to destruction spells unless they exceed the level of this spell + stress dice (no botch). Designed to resist the Dust to Dust (PeCo15) spell.

(Base Gen, +1 Touch, +3 Moon)

big list of custom/new Ars Magica spells

Zharkune, aka Necromancer Zhar, Follower of Bonisagus


Zhar knows he has a questionable past, although much of the specifics has been expunged from his memory by the Order, and what remains he hopes is correct.

From what he can recall his diminutive stature would have set him apart from his parents and siblings even if he had not been Gifted, he was clearly born a runt, and the combination of both this and his gift meant his family was quick to find any excuse to billet him away from them. When his town’s grave digger and embalmer both expressed a keen interest in the young boy his parents watched him depart with great enthusiasm. The two morbid practitioners took the boy in and began training him in many and varied arts. Beginning with ceremonies and embalming, Zharkune had been found by a cult who worshiped the dead.

A few years passed and of the details he remembers little. Zhar knows that he was an adept servant to his surrogate family, and knows that he once was far more skilled in the rites of embalming and preservation, and that much of that skill was destroyed when his memories were removed. He does not recall the details at all of when his Hermetic master destroyed the cult. His master – Seeker Cercin, Master of Bonisagus told Zharkune that he found the tiny child serving the intertwined families of the embalmer and grave digger, and that their cult activities were so profoundly evil that they were cleansed from Christendom.

Seeker Cercin tried to raise Zharkune as a proper Bonisagus, allowing his natural talents in magical investigation and experimentation to flourish. Zhar knows his master was a kind woman and was proud of the growth in his hermetic skills. She was however profoundly displeased when Zhar found his interests turning to the dead and the spirit world. Cercin initially forbade the interest, but Zhar would not be persuaded.

Later in his apprenticeship Zhar was kidnapped by a member of the original cult who strangely survived the earlier cleansing, and his master was required once again to destroy the cult and erase sections of Zhar’s memories. After that hateful event Zhar made an effort to understand and empower himself in the areas of the dead, to better find his way and potentially prepare himself for the secrets that fate seems determined to thrust upon him. Cercin relented her objections, and guided Zharkune toward the creative aspect of his interest – all the while asking he remember what risks come from his interest.

The lost fragments of his mind frustrate him, and eventually he wishes to find a way to fill out some of the gaps – be that with restorative magic, or interrogating he living and dead host involved in the events long ago. He is determined to prove that Necromancy does not need to be reviled by the Order, and find his past along the way. Continue reading