dnd 5e is in development – quick thoughts

Well its happening again, that wonderful and monstrous creation called Dungeons and Dragons is being re-vamped again, to 5th edition. I feel old just reading that.

What does this mean:

  • the game devs have a huge job to do, but the factory has experience in this. They deserve the opportunity to do it well.
  • the internet will broil with opinions of what should be done, what the target audience should be, and what sucked (see below). Expect a snow storm made of razor wire and badger leavings when these conflicting neck-beards meet in the forums to fight it out. I won’t be reading most of it, as it will be similar to what has gone before.
  • the ramblings and conversations in public will help steer the game devs, but the game devs already have a mandate in mind. They would not start this without already having a destination in mind, and changes needed.
  • the product needs to stay profitable, so expect what ever they develop to be a product, not a dream project of love. That means new books on the same fluff, and probably great artwork. These guys have families and mortgages too.
  • expect that some of your favourite aspects of the game will change, and get used to having an open mind during the journey. Or if you can’t do that then please stay silent – the community needs more radicals screaming as much as it needs more competition from computer games. Not at all. Continue reading