New pdf of all new Ars Magica spells

Quick and exciting post – through the hard work of a great member of the Ars Magica community – Shawn Devlin – who also happens to be a coder – here is a new version of the New Spells for Ars Magica content in Pdf 

Secondly Shawn has created this along with a github hosted site for generating Ars Spell books from xml to do this yourself – all crafted by his talented hands. That means that any other budding authors can generate grimoires of spells using the same technique; gratis. That is pretty awesome. 

It’s all the 360-odd spells I’ve written in full, listed with page numbers by spell Technique and Form and then Name at the back.

The Ironbound Grimoire – an updated pdf of 354 new spells for Ars Magica

Mid 2015 I published 117 spells for Ars Magica as a Pdf, and now that mid 2016 has rolled past here is a new version of the Spells Pdf. It also has a new name this year – The Ironbound Grimoire, and contains 354 spells for Ars Magica, covering all the spells from this blog through to June 30th 2016.

Hope it is useful.

In terms of publishing and presentation the layout is very basic. Eventually I’d love to find a way to have all the spells in a database and create PDFs and extracts directly from it. For now that is in the too hard basket – time, skill, and software costs are Devils. 

A really self indulgent version would be leather bound, inscribed, and contain everything I’ve written for Ars Magica; but I think I’d be the only audience wanting the expensive version. 

Pdf of Collected new Spells for Ars Magica, the Iron-Bound Tome

boring-spell-documentInspired by one of the great folks who publish Sub Rosa magazine creating an extract of my spells (all 117 of them), I’ve decided to put a pdf online of all the new spells I’ve written for Ars Magica. The file is a collection of all the spell effects up to May 2015, and includes an index by Form and Technique, index by alphabetical name, and a table of contents to make finding different types of spells easier. Every half year or so I’ll recreate the spells pdf so it can stay quasi-current.

Perhaps one day in the future it might also contain a few house rules, optional rules, and clarifications too. It is unevenly edited. Future versions will correct current bugs.

Link: New Spells for Ars Magica, the Iron-Bound Tome

In future I’d like to further expand now narcissistic this blog is and get an extracted and manicured version, but that’ll be a “when hell freezes over” project.