Blog Plans for 2019

I had some plans for 2018 that I didn’t get to and that won’t change this year. On a positive note the blog reached 700 spells in March ’18 and will cap around 780-ish after I add all the recently written material from November ’18. 2019 will meander along the same way, adding the odd snippet and idea. There is still over 100 draft blog posts I could work through so while I’m confident that the blog won’t wither, it will be more sporadic.

Have a great 2019 everyone, Ironbound Tome.

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Blog Plans for 2018

I’ve no focus yet for 2018 for this rpg blog. The past few years of Ars Magica Spells has been challenging and while I’ll chip away at odd spells and items intermittently, I need a break from regular Ars Magica blog posts.

There is a long ignored Deathwatch story I might revive despite FFG handing back the publishing rights – and perhaps a bit of fiction. A lot of my inspiration for content is driven from games I’m playing in and the games are also slowing.

While I’m not sure what style of game to write about, the blog post publishing schedule will likely decrease to a post roughly each month.

Have a great 2018 folks. IBT.