10 rpgs you’ve heard of…ahem!

GeekoSystem has a post which claims to show 10 RPGs You’ve Never Heard Of. I call rubbish – in the list is Paranoia, RuneQuest, StarWars, Tunnells & Trolls, and yes some others that I’d not encountered. Sheesh, in that list are some old good game which were very popular a while ago, but hardly not heard of. Now to the author’s credit he did say the readers would have heard of some, and not to freak out; but it felt like a list with very prominent titles on it.

Paranoia has had many additions, and I’d say more people have played RuneQuest than the recent version of Warhammer Fantasy (which tanked). GeekoSystem also included Pokemon RPG list; double sheesh. Yep I’ll give you that, but its bloody pokemon. Create a RPG based upon Barbie Pony Ride Adventure in Happy Land! and it won’t be well known in the RPG community either, or perhaps it will as a joke but the sales won’t be there. The typical RPG player is looking for escapism and entertainment, with a health slash of violence and as much cool as possible. It’s why we saw Vampire pick-up so much ground many years ago. And as a stereotype gamers are not dumb, and are often poor – so will be conservative in purchases.

Now Don’t Rest Your Head is spot on in terms of indie RPG however, and I’m glad to discover USR by reading the article. Consider too that some RPGs remain niche markets, like Ars Magica which I banter on about a lot, and it probably has less players than Pokemon.

How about these as RPGs I doubt you’ve heard of:

  • Hunter Planet (an aussie game, and I played with the creator at NWA)
  • My Life With Master
  • Mush
  • PieceMeal
  • RunePunk
  • Rus

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