Father Augustus, a gentle priest. Sample Ars Magica Character


Father Augustus yearly life as a priest was as a notable and respected member of the Edinburgh community, who after several intense interactions with supernatural forces of different kinds had a change of heart in his approach to the faith. His holy life was once intensely demanding, but in an uncomplicated and simplistic manner; then with the interjection of a divine angel, his life was turned inside out. His faith was challenged by it’s agenda, new realms were opened, and it brought about a fundamental change in Augustus.

A handful of years ago Augustus was guided away from his city life to live among the northern wilds. Preaching to the faithful, living through real challenges, and experiencing a very different life. His faith is now stronger than ever, and he is no longer as linear or binary in his perceptions of good and evil. Complexities in faith are serious considerations for Augustus, and while he believes in bragging all souls to the divine; he has a far more pragmatic and realistic view on how that is best performed.

In his new life he has become responsible for a small community, and is beholden for their care – particularly one family who were shattered by the corruptible influences of greed and pride. Augustus has taken the family under his wing


When the saga starts, Augustus should already be known (to any Magi who have an interest) as a priest who visits throughout the highlands, and cares deeply for the welfare of it’s people. He is wary but not fearful of paganism, having known good men among pagan and Christian alike. If/when the communication starts with the Atlantian Magi he would be a suitable candidate to move with them into this new land, and would discretely manage his migration there with the local Church authorities. Continue reading