Tyne, a sample Ars Magica Shield Grog

portrait-tyneTyne proved her worth as a brawler in prison surviving through harsh conditions and torturous captors. She was sent away for “correction of her manner, being too impolite and unruly for decent living” but has never spoken of the activities which brought her to that position. Tyne was certainly changed, and when she exited she had learned to hold her fists and tongue far better, and had also gained invaluable martial skills. When she was finally released as a clemency on a holy day, she traveled briefly to her home village and then left to wander. She fell in with a band of brigands and was later again captured by the authorities, this time branded as a criminal. Tyne met Magus Corbin close to the end of his apprenticeship after her second release from incarceration. He needed a guard who wouldn’t ask questions and she needed protection and money to survive. Continue reading

Grogs, servants, commoners, and guards

A collation of the grogs and commoners I’ve drafted recently for a few play by post Ars Magica games.

Below we have a Shield Grog, a Servant, a Lab Assistant, and a Point Guard. Building up the mechanics of grogs isn’t complex compared to creating a magus however its still a chore so here are a few samples – it might fast track a few NPCs. Continue reading