Thinking about gaming while away from the dice

It’s been a very slow period in tabletop gaming around my house. With the dnd regulars pausing while we have lives, families, and wonderful distractions – the gaming posts here have dried up proportionally too. It is hard to write about something when the creativity button is not getting pressed.

The dice are a great source of direct inspiration.

It got me thinking … that perhaps a side project is needed to tinker with. Create something odd, off side, or some such, so that I can keep my hand in as a tabletop gamer, and also to keep the creative part of my brain flowing.

I did find some old stuff that I could publish here as a view of what has come before:

  • old NPCs and setting material from my last Ars Magica game I was trying to run. Now that the game is really dead, perhaps that might be sharable.
  • a draft of a Death Watch based rpg game. It was the skeleton plot for an adhoc game, might be useful for somebody.
  • the new character I’m pondering for another play-by-post game of Ars running on the Atlas Games forums. This is a little harder, as the character is unfinished, and I have some thoughts on directions, and contradictions with core rules. Hmm, perhaps that in itself.

Ok, now that I write it, I’ll scatter some punctuation into those things and post them – Ironboundtome ain’t dead yet.