Salman needs what Ser Payne got

There is a strange quote from Salman Rushdie which called A Game of Thrones garbage, via Vulture.

“There was a series called Game of Thrones which was very popular here in the United States, a post-Tolkien kind of thing. It was garbage, yet very addictive garbage — because there’s lots of violence, all the women take their clothes off all the time, and it’s kind of fun. In the end, it’s well-produced trash, but there’s room for that, too.”

My knee jerk reaction is to say what the?

I’ll take Rushdie’s opinion seriously when I see the quality of what he writes and produces as a TV series. The opinion of an author in an abstractly related medium is not directly relevant, especially when it contains no real detail of what he liked about the shows that were ok in his opinion.

In the full text he lists shows like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Deadwood as shows he did like. OK that’s strange. Didn’t he notice the violence, naked people, etc in The Sopranos? And Deadwood has some events that make you not sleep at night (pigs anyone). Seems a strange set of criteria to base as a point of difference.

I also cannot imagine that he is a fan of the type of setting (what the hell is meant by post-tolkien?), nor has he read the GoT books. Well I’ve tried to read two of Rushdie’s books and would call them overly convoluted, boring, and altogether in need of a good editor.I’ve read all the GoT books now except the most recent Dance with Dragons, and loved all of them.

But hey, lets not throw stones at people for having bold opinions, Salman nobody ever got famous for being controversial. Give him what Ser Payne got.