New spells for Warhammer

a set of spell booksThis is a collection of new spells inspired from every corner of the world, updated periodically.

Arcane Lore
 Spark (CN 1)
 Signia Arcana (CN 3)

Lore of Fire
 Enveloping Desiccation (CN 6)

Arcane Lore

Spark (Arcane)

CN: 1, R: WP Yards, T: 1, D: Instant

You gather a wisp of wind and direct it as a chosen target, which acts as a magic missile inflicting +1 damage.

Signia Arcana

CN: 3, R: Touch, T: 1, D: WPB Days, Arcane

The target creature or object is marked with a single glowing rune, sigil, or inscription chosen by the caster. This mark is typically placed on the forehead of the target, and often denotes a person or object important to the caster. The mark is imbued so it is simple to detect, glows unnaturally, and cannot be removed by normal means. As normal the spell may be dispelled by another caster.

Lore of Fire

Enveloping Desiccation

CN: 6, R: WP, T: 1, D: WPB Rounds, Fire

The wind of Ashqy surrounds the target removing water from within the targeted creature or object, this inflicts +2 damage per round to living creatures, or causes breakage tests for affected equipment when it is used. Damage is calculated as a magic missile which ignores armor and toughness.