WFRP House Rules

These House rules aren’t in use, however they are tweaks and clarifications that make 4th edition “better”.



  • A missile weapon only inflicts additional damage equal to the SLs of the attacker. The defender’s roll does not alter damage.

Extended Aiming / Overwatch

  • In addition to the normal bonuses for aiming, a character may also add +20 to their combat initiative for the purposes of deciding who acts first in any subsequent round when they have continued to aim.

Between Adventures

Learning Talent Endeavors

  • If the talent being learnt is in a lower tier of the same Career, then the roll to learn it is automatically successful. This keeps the xp cost the same, keeps the extra money required the same, and demonstrates that it should be easier for a person to briefly step down to pick a boon, when compared to learning Talents outside their Career (source).


Clarifying Channeling:

  • After Channeling a caster may opt to cast a spell at any time, and use their current CN total as a bonus to the CN target number of the spell. E.g. A Wizard casting Bolt spends one round Channeling to accumulate 2pts toward Bolt’s CN of 4, on the next round they roll to cast Bolt which still must be cast successfully, however they automatically have 2pts of CN.

The Consumers’ Guide, Chapter 11 (p.288)

Additional Item Flaw: (p.292)

  • Frail, due to its poor construction the item may only be repaired a number of times equal to Enc +1. Meaning that most equipment can only be repaired once. Ignore the item quality of Lightweight if it is present on an item.

Changes Melee Weapon categories (p.294)

  • Cavalry skill is totally removed, and all Cavalry weapons are added into Polearm.
  • Parry skill is totally removed, and all Parrying weapons added into Fencing.

Changes to Melee (Basic) Hand Weapons: (p.297)

  • Swords, gain Sharp – any Critical strikes ignore non-metal armor AP values.
  • Axes, gain Bite – any Critical strikes inflict an extra wound.
  • Maces, gain Crunch – Critical strikes inflict the Pummel quality.

Creatures and Size

  • Size based additional damage is not doubled or halved, instead the creature adds its strength bonus for each size rank difference – including the size difference between halflings and humans.