I’m a devoted rpg and computer gamer, and blogger. There has been too many rpg games, years, cans of fizzy drink, and pizzas consumed to ever list here; but I love all things about rpgs. This blog is the window into my personal game experiences, and reflections on roleplaying games. In the past three to four years almost all teh writing has been about the Ars Magica roleplaying game, but there are many others more than worthy of the same dedication, the limiting factor is time.

When pondering the broader style of RPGs I’m neither a new school or old school die hard, but rather I look for a story in which the players are entertained. Systems are not overly important to me anymore, but the quality of the game and the consistency in the setting is something I look for.

My passion for posting comes from those things that strike me as strange or altogether overtly cool (i.e. Deathwatch squard and horde mechanics, flexible magic system in Ars Magica, high production values and breadth of D&D materials), and while I do not ever intend to post with regularity, I do find that I cannot go for too long without standing on my soapbox and sharing my thoughts across the internet from the blog’s small corner of the world.

If I could find a way I’d be playing rpgs for a living, and believe its one of the best hobbies around; and as such needs a bump every now and then to keep alive. It requires attention to detail, hard fought persistence, timely creativity, astute human interaction, and a sense of wonder.

Apart from here I also write at:

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