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Ars Magica 5th Edition book coverThis is the landing page for my Ars Magica resources and links. Below will be a growing list of ideas, changes, and journal of activities for an Ars Magica game.

By far the regularly updated and growing new spells resource (Complete List) which contains over 700 new spells is where many updates occur, however the list below shows many other parts of this blog’s content for Ars Magica.

General Resources

Thoughts and ravings, that might be relevant

  • House rules that I’m pondering to assess how they might change the game.
  • Stuff I didn’t realise in ArM 5th ed:
    • Warping (which influences twilight) is applied for persistent affects on magi, so that powerful (level 30+) buff spell that makes you as strong as an ox as as swift as a cheetah really has some side affects. It is also applied when affected by a powerful spell. This means that being hit by a powerful spell which is also constant affect can stack Warping quickly. Ouch.
    • An affect cast by a magus on themselves must still overcome their parma magica. This means the creator has to add penetration to the item, or the user must drop their parma magica for a short time so the item can take affect. Wow eh.
    • Here is an explanation of how Parma Magica and Magic Resistance works.
    • If your SG allows, pick your specialisation for Parma Magica when you need one, or if they don’t allow that degree of dynamic play, then you’re insane not to pick it in advance. MR +5 to a Form from a “free” choice is very valuable.

Useful Online Tools

4 thoughts on “Ars Magica

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  2. Couldn’t find a way to reply directly to your post on Stat Boosting Ritual Circles…this seems to be a popular line of reasoning in online discussions but nobody seems to have read the part of circle targets that states that the spell effect ends if the circle is broken…even if the spell is still active. So basically you spend the vis, it becomes permanent…and when you step outside the circle, you lose it anyway. Just sayin’

  3. The magic of the ritual lasts momentarily as it is a permanent change. It’s a D: Momentary spell not a D:Ring spell. The Target: Circle is used to gather up more people which makes it more vis efficient.

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