List of Major and Minor Magical Foci

A long while ago I was hunting for a good reference list of example magical foci, for the Major Magical Focus or Minor Magical Focus (MFF and mMF) in Ars Magica. There wasn’t one so this is a bashed together version. Note: I was re-ordering these, but it has become convoluted and strict book keeping isn’t a hobby – enjoy as is.


  • Auras, Legends of Hermes p.26
  • Birds (animal) Ars p.45
  • Books, Transf ME 34
  • Bodies of Water, GotF 96
  • Controlling Human Beings, Faith and Flame p.70
  • Damaging Magics, Sub Rosa 14 p.68
  • Defense, Sub Rosa 3 p.9
  • Demons, Sub Rosa 2 p.35
  • The Divine, Sub Rosa 2 p.35
  • Domesticated animals (animal) Ars p.45
  • Enemies of Persia, Cradle and the Crescent p.154
  • Flames (ignem) Ars p 25
  • Fresh water (aquam) Ars p.45
  • Herbam: Trees or food plants.
  • Imaginem: Visual images, auditory images, tactile images, or taste and smell together. Ars p.45
  • Mammals (animal) Ars p.45
  • Men (corpus)
  • Mentem: Emotions or memories.
  • Metals (terram)
  • Stone (terram)
  • Necromancy: Corpus and Mentem as applied to the bodies and spirits of dead people.
  • Damage: Any Art, as long as the effect does damage directly, either by inflicting a
    wound or doing a certain amount of damage which can be soaked.
  • Disguise: Changing the appearance of something, by any means.
  • Salt Water (aquam) Ars p.45
  • Shapechanging, Sub Rosa 14 p.68
  • Ships, hermetic projects p 55
  • Spirit Magic, Legends of Hermes p52
  • Teleportation, Through the Aegis: Developed Covenants, p. 79
  • Volcanoes, Hermetic Projects p.24
  • Wards, Sub Rosa 2 p.35
  • Weather (auram) Ars p.45
  • Women (corpus)


  • Animal: Birds of prey, canines, mustelidae. Ars p46
  • Aquam: Stagnant water, small streams.
  • Auram: Wind, rain, lightning.
  • Battle, Sub Rosa 14 p.54
  • Building Ships, Sub Rosa 14 p.54
  • Corpus: Aging, disease.
  • Damaging Supernatural Creatures, Cradle and the Crescent p.157
  • Herbam: Fruiting, wood.
  • Imaginem: A particular color or sound.
  • Mentem: Anger, lust, erasing memories, changing memories.
  • Terram: Creating metals, destroying stone.
  • Healing: Applies to people, animals, and plants.
  • Self-Transformation: Applies to both Corpus and Mentem.
  • Magical Transportation, TME 115
  • Ghosts , Hooks p25
  • Commanding Spirits, Legends of Hermes p.49
  • Rivers, Hooks p 78,
  • Aging, Sub Rosa Issue 16 p77
  • Wards, HoH:MC p.14
  • Wards against Supernatural beings, Tales of Power p75
  • Seduction, Tales of Power p115
  • Dispelling, Guardians of the Forest p59
  • Deception, GotF 73
  • Storms, HoH:TL p143
  • Vines, Legends of Hermes p.80
  • Music, Sub Rosa 14 p.54
  • Shaping the Land, Sub Rosa 14 p.54
  • Travel, Sub Rosa 14 p.54
  • Longevity Potions, Sub Rosa 14 p.67
  • Spells that Cause Mass Destruction, Sub Rosa 14 p.67
  • Making/Keeping People Healthy, Sub Rosa 3 p.9
  • Crafting Metal, Sub Rosa 3 p.9
  • Talking With, Sub Rosa 2 p.26
  • Certamen, Ars p90
  • Commanding Spirits, Legends of Hermes p.52
  • Fear or Obedience, Faith and Flame p.122
  • Seafaring rune scripts. Hermetic projects 75
  • Ash, fire elementals, lava, volcanic fumes, or volcanic rock. Hermetic Projects 24

2 thoughts on “List of Major and Minor Magical Foci

  1. Major Magical Focus (Teleportation). Through the Aegis: Developed Covenants, p. 79.

    I don’t know how that interacts with minor focus in “magical transportation” or “travel”.

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