VCP – Back Cover

Quick notes – THIS IS IN DRAFT, I’m not happy with the text yet.

  • love the heading and fonts,
  • text in the blurb needs to be rewritten to be a hook to the reader, and not highlight the fact that the style of book wasn’t desired by the publisher.

Edits – text blurb (the bit in the circle)

An Ars Magica saga is not complete without a detailed and personalized covenant for the characters to live within, and covenants for those Magi to battle against. The Tome of Covenants provides detailed setting and story for four complete covenants, including local history, magical flavor, story hooks, resident Magi. Each covenant also provides advice for how to integrate these covenants in your sagas. Use these covenants as ready to play settings in your saga, or as the basis for generating unique covenants of your own. The tome is a collaboration of dedicated Ars Magica community fans who seek to provide the sample covenants to anyone who wishes to know more about how best to prepare a covenant for play, or wishes to skip straight into the game using the settings provided.

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