Metacreator Customisations

As part of using the MetaCreator app I’ve created a set of files which are customizations for the Ars Magica 5th edition rules. You’ll need the base software and the Ars Magica 5th ed template to use them, but let me know if you are interested. I am not posting them for download to all an sundry, as I think the core of the Lords of Men work may make it into an official update by the metaCreator software devs.

Selection of spells from this Blog

  • At least 30 spells… (file)

Lords of Men Web Supplement (file)

  • Ability: Crossbow, including a Ballistic macro to apply correct damage which excludes dex/str stat.
  • Equipment: Crossbow.
  • Equipment: Bastard Sword.

AB House Rules (file)

  • Language: Gaelic
  • Social Status Virtue: Mercenary, the character is a roving soldier who fights for payment rather than loyalty. This is a +0 social status virtue which grants access to the Martial skills.

To Do:

  • Double Weapon, combat using two weapons
  • Spells
    • The Resistant Skin
    • Blessing of Oreus’s Fortitude
    • Buoyant Arms and Armor
    • Strength of Titan Steel
    • Selfish Rest of the Injured Magus
    • True Rest of the Injured Custos
  • Hermetic Discoveries
    • Target: Container

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