Covenant Personalities

The following are NPCs that would be well known to the characters.

Bran MacKay, the Autocrat

Description: Bran is a middle aged Scotsman, with sandy roughly cropped beard and hair, a wrinkled face, stoic temperament, and a weakness for strong spirits. He takes the responsibility of running the mundane affairs of the covenant very seriously, and is often zealous in protecting the needs of the Magi.

Background: Bran was born in another covenant, and has grown-up in and around supernatural legends, many of which he will happily share. He has a passing knowledge in the lore of the Order of Hermes, and is highly proficient with a longspear.

Stat Block: Bran (age 37, Gaelic 5) Guile 2, Folk Ken 3, Leadership 3, Great Weapon (Longspear) 4, Order of Hermes Lore 2, Legend Lore 3. Weakness (Spirits).

The Collards, Steward and Servant family

Background: The Collard family live within the covenant, providing services as servants, messages, and general get it done tasks. The elder Kieth (the steward) is married to Sandra both who are in their mid-thirties, and they have three children between 12 and 9 who are regularly running errands and creating mayhem. Previous to working in the covenant the Collards lived in Horsingas as servants, and chose to move to the new covenant.

Stat Blocks:

  • Kieth (age 38, Gaelic 5) Folk Ken 4, Brawl 2, Lore Scotland (covenants) 3, Cook 3, Latin 2, English 2, Profession Servant 3.
  • Sandra (age 34, Gaelic 5) Folk Ken 3, Guile 2, Teaching 2, Lore Scotland 3, Legend Lore 2, Profession Servant 4. Gossip.

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