November 2017 Ars Magica writing challenge – One Spell a Day.

As part of an Ars Magica November 2017 Writing Challenge, I’ve written at least one spell a day. For some days where there were very similar spells concurrently, I’ve added a few more to keep it interesting.That means there will be 43 new spells once the month is over.

The new spells are:

  1. Unwanted Blessing of Truth (ReMe 35)
  2. Stealing of the Wind from the Sails (PeAu 45)
  3. Eye of the Hurricane (ReAu 40)
  4. Ice which Anchors the Mountains (MuAq/Te 25)
  5. Ice which Escapes to the Heavens (MuAq/Au 30)
  6. Direct the Heat of Fire (ReIg 20)
  7. Vicious Fire of St Elmo (ReIg 30)
  8. View the Juggernaut’s Trail (InCo 15)
  9. Sliver of Horrible Ice (MuAq 30)
  10. The Craftsman’s Eye (InTe 25)
  11. Sweet Restfulness (MuMe10)
  12. Conjure the Majestic Wolf (CrAn 55)
  13. Conjure the Mythical Wyrm (CrAn/AuMe 75)
  14. Wizard’s Misdirection to Return Home (MuVi Gen)
  15. Wizard’s Misdirection to Receive Blessings (MuVi Gen), & Every Face a Thief (MuIm 20)
  16. Wizard’s Misdirection to My Friend (MuVi Gen), & Raise Their Ancestors to Haunt Them (ReCo/Me 45)
  17. Touch of Warmth (MuCo/Ig 5), & Bind Wounds, Selfishly Protracted (CrCo 10)
  18. Sense the Feet that Tread the Ice (InAq 30)
  19. A False and Frozen Coin (MuAq/Te 25), & Smoking Fire (MuIg 10)
  20. Reduction of Ice to a Movable Block (MuAq 25)
  21. Wizard’s Reach (Form) Downward (MuVi Gen)
  22. Wizard’s Reach (Form) Across the Span (MuVi Gen), & Shattering the Gift of the Magus (PeVi35), & Handicapping the Gift of the Magus (PeVi 35)
  23. Wizard’s Reach (Form) To Distant Shore (MuVi Gen), & Work of the Wooden Tub (ReHe/AnTe5), & Tidy Room of the Pedantic Servant (ReHe/AnTe20)
  24. Sorcerer’s Reach (Form) Downward (MuVi Gen), & Carapace of Insects (CrAn/MuRe40),
  25. Insulation for the Dedicated Solar (PeIm 20), & Ears of the Flame (InIg35), Ears of the Faerie Flame (InIg45), Eavesdrop by the Fire (InIg25), Eavesdrop by the Faerie Fire (InIg35)
  26. Insulation for the Dedicated Halls (PeIm 25)
  27. Touch of Daylight (CrIg 10)
  28. Warmth of the Cozy Solar (CrIg 15)
  29. Growth of the Structured Grove (CrHe/Re 45)
  30. Ready an Attentive Tome (ReHe/An 15)

11 thoughts on “November 2017 Ars Magica writing challenge – One Spell a Day.

  1. Since you’re crafting a whole bunch more spells here I’d challenge you to find a way do something interesting with the Faerie magic duration of fire other than turn a fire into an animal or a person. I’ve wanted to see something else done with it forever.

  2. I just checked out Fire that Burns No Man and Fire of Little Fuel. I’m always eager to see more fire stuff. By taking Ranulf to 120 years out of apprenticeship I exhausted my available supplies of new ignem ideas and my imagination is still recovering. I really liked Unquenched Flame (the spell that alters a fire so that it also burns water) that’s a clever idea.

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