Very short range teleportation effect

A rework of the Wizard’s Leap, down to the lowest guideline of teleportation; of 5 paces. As a level 10 spell it is learnable by almost every Wizard, and certainly low enough to be spontaneously cast by mid-powered magi. A useful spell to keep in mind.

Why? Well that is certainly enough distance to get out of a smallish fight. It’s absolutely not a substitute for travel but might get the magus over a tough obstacle like a wall or past a gate. I’d advise mastering it if it’s going to be used frequently, or needs to be fast cast; just remember that teleportation errors could be nasty. 

And for occasions where the caster can see their destination, such as behind a door, there is always simple Perdo Imagonem or Intellego effects to grant the information. 

Wizard’s Step

ReCo 10, R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Ind.

The caster instantly transports himself up to 5 paces away. The destination must be visible to the caster.

(Base: 10)

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