Print on Demand for RPG games

Something new to me in the RPG world is the idea of a major distributor using print on demand game, particularly a card game. Great idea from Fantasy Flight Games!

Print on Demand (POD) from Fantasy Flight Games is a remarkable new offering that combines the latest digital printing and shipping technologies. FFG can now produce and ship micro-expansions on-demand that would not otherwise be commercially viable.

A useful idea in the thread comments is to localise the PoD service to reduce the shipping costs. This is a further great idea, and something that would make a PoD service in Australia (basically the other side of the world) very viable. Why print on demand with reduced overheads and efficient stock control for $25, to then spend $25 in postage and have the product on a ship for two months?

Silly really, so lets see some PoD downunder from USA and European publishers pronto.